Wollard International: Optimizing ground ops.

Count on us as a superior GSE supplier, trusted advisor, and indispensable ramp-side resource.


Every day, for every flight, the mission of Wollard International remains the same — to make aviation operations of every size and description more efficient, reliable, and sustainable. It’s why Wollard is your go-to resource for all the equipment you need to make it happen.

Wollard designs, manufactures, and markets dependable and durable equipment that demonstrates value – every turn, every time. Because we’re purpose-built for this industry, we understand better than anyone the problems that can pile up to delay aviation ramp operations – so we’re out to eliminate them. 


On the ground, we provide your crew with the tools they need to excel in the areas of safety, reliability, and overall performance. In innovation, our advancements in zero-emission vehicles and collision-avoidance systems are leading the industry. And speaking of leadership, we’re also hard at work to streamline the FAA’s safety approvals process.

Bottom line, the people of Wollard International are committed to making sure that your ramp operations are better today than they were yesterday.

Count on us.