Proven durability. Trusted performance.

Wollard equipment is engineered, designed, and built for maximum durability, reliability, and value.

Serving every segment of the aviation industry.

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition.


The goal for every carrier – commuter, regional, domestic or international – is to have every passenger seated easily, baggage loaded reliably, and pushback timed perfectly. Wollard makes this happen.


Without ground support there is no air support. Wollard offers tractors for every application, from reliable aircraft positioning to munitions staging. Because it’s mission critical, it’s Wollard.


Having lifts, stairs, and tractors that are safe, ready and reliable are must-haves for every base. By every measure, Wollard equipment sets the standard for operational excellence.

Ground Handlers

Every arrival, every departure, every turn is measured for performance. Such exacting metrics require reliable ramp equipment – precisely the kind of equipment that Wollard delivers every day.


Readiness is at our core. From touchdown to takeoff, durable, reliable equipment from Wollard ensures a flawless customer experience, with no detail overlooked and every contingency prepared for.


Conveyance relies upon impeccable critical-path management. Program deviations on the ramp can never be a factor. With Wollard equipment, they never are – and your cargo keeps moving.

Applied Innovation

Wollard equipment is the reference standard for operational excellence.


Wollard’s zero emission electric options are available with lithium or wet cell batteries and on board chargers. Plus, 80V Curtis Controllers.

Collision Avoidance

Stay IATA AHM 913 compliant with Wollard’s 3D Infrared sensor based equipment. Featuring active throttle and brake control and incursion alarm/lockout technology.